The Highleadon Green Association (HGA) was formed some 9+ years ago following a proposal for the restoration of the 15+ acres of common land in Highleadon. This proposal was worked through with the Parish council and the Gloucestershire County Council authorities responsible for common land registration and after some lengthy work by these parties it was agreed that an association should be formed (the HGA). There is no registered owner of the common land in Highleadon so the Parish Council has devolved management responsibility for the common to the HGA.

The HGA has a normal formal constitution and committee structure, which is made up of the common land grazing rights holders and local residents. Whilst the management committee meets regularly, the frequency of meetings is determined by the need to report on progress or make decisions for what should be done next. Much of the work of grant applications, producing tenders and planning clearance work is done co-operatively by the resident volunteers.