Report on work progress and Work parties

We have again managed to keep the cost for the mowing of the common in the last 12 month period to zero. This was due to the provision of a tractor by HGA chairman Phil Hill together with our (HGA) mower and further mowing and verge cutting by Andrew Robertson and Nick McDowell using their own tractors and mowing equipment at no charge. Several others, in addition to work party volunteers, have independently strimmed areas of pathway throughout the year. 

We have now at least two types of wild orchid (bee and pyramid) on the common and many other plants such as yellow rattle, white violets, ragged robin, fairy flax, grass vechling and narcissi providing interest and colour for those enjoying a walk across the common.

The regular monthly volunteer work parties carried out maintenance work either supporting the mowing, litter picking, felling of decayed trees, scrub clearance, tree planting, re-seeding and footpath repair. Also the diesel fuel and other consumables have been freely supplied. The average work party comprises 5 people for 2.5 hours per session, so the total volunteer hours working on the common has been well over 200 hours. If anyone would like to contribute or attend our work parties please use the "contact us" link above