Future and Planned Work

We have obtained a quotation for the modification of the pathway along the B4215 from the Upleadon road junction to the petrol station to make the path more suitable for disabled users.

The two bridges and the steps at the petrol station end of the path will be modified so that a standard mobility scooter can traverse the full length of the path. We do not own and are not responsible for the kissing gates associated with the "rights of way" paths and so we cannot address these but the HGA paths will be compliant with the Equality Act.

Notices will be erected when the work is planned if access will be restricted.

One of our greatest aims has been to achieve the right balance of control to ease maintenance while enabling and encouraging indigenous flora and forna. We are really pleased to see that we are achieving this in the number of wild flowers appearing on the common. Elaine Shears has helped the HGA by guiding maintenance and identifying the wildflowers and hence areas to protect. We are now looking at how we can protect what we have but also expand the wild flower presence on the common and hope to plant more wild flowers once appropriate areas have been identified and so hopefully by next year we will be able to see more wildflowers on the common.