The Green
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Highleadon Green is an area of common land of just over fifteen acres registered (CL35) under the 1965 Act. The map to the left shows the areas making up Highleadon Green; it comprises a number of small parcels of land including a wide verge alongside the B4215 road to Newent and areas around the junction of the B4215 to the Upleadon road and lands either side of the Upleadon road.

This is a new website that will be used to explain how Highleadon Green regeneration has taken place, all aspects of the work of the Highleadon Green Association in managing the regeneration programme and to communicate to the local and wider public what is going on and what amenity can be enjoyed at Highleadon Green.

If you have any comments or questions about the green please us the contact us form accessed from the tab above

Ash dieback disease:- we will be keeping a close watch on our trees but if anyone spots anything or has concerns please use the contact page to tell us about it and we will take appropriate action with the Forestry Commision